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UK Independence Party Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole

This branch of UKIP was formed in July 2012 and this web site is now an opportunity for you to communicate with your local UKIP representatives. We do not yet have any councillors or MPs, but that will change. We are a breath of fresh air in the stale politics of the Liberal, Labour and Conservative Parties. Yes we want to leave Europe and free the country from the undemocratic and burdensome state that the European Union has become, but we are about much more. We do not believe in wind farms which rob energy users to pay wealthy landowners, we believe in grammar schools which give opportunity to all working families. We believe in a small state, controlled immigration and the reinstatement of trading links with the commonwealth. We are fed up with the current parties and want change. If you agree with us, join us and help change politics in this country forever.
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