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UK Independence Party Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole

This branch of UKIP was formed in July 2012 and this web site is now an opportunity for you to communicate with your local UKIP representatives. We do not yet have any councillors or MPs, but that will change. We are a breath of fresh air in the stale politics of the Liberal, Labour and Conservative Parties. Yes we want to leave Europe and free the country from the undemocratic and burdensome state that the European Union has become, but we are about much more. We do not believe in wind farms which rob energy users to pay wealthy landowners, we believe in grammar schools which give opportunity to all working families. We believe in a small state, controlled immigration and the reinstatement of trading links with the commonwealth. We are fed up with the current parties and want change. If you agree with us, join us and help change politics in this country forever.
UKIP UK Independence Party - Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole
Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole
UKIP Scunthorpe, Brigg & Goole - Who's Who

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Chairman - Mike Speakman
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mike Speakman
“ Mike Speakman was born in and grew up in Liverpool. He was educated at grammar school and originally joined the Navy as a trainee pilot in the Fleet Air Arm in 1966. He was unsuccessful in this career when he bent one of the Navy’s aircraft and then joined Liverpool Police. Whilst in the police he gained an honours degree at Liverpool University, with major subjects of Communication Studies and Politics. He served in Liverpool and Merseyside Police for 26 years before transferring to Humberside Police in 1995 before retiring as Deputy Chief Constable in 2000. He subsequently spent a year as an advisor to Abu Dhabi Police in the United Arab Emirates. He has maintained his interest in aviation and is a private pilot and helps run a local flying club. Mike joined UKIP several years ago after finding that shouting at the television did not change anything. UKIP policies struck a chord with him and he decided to do something about it. He has lived in North Lincolnshire for18 years.”
Secretary to the branch - Barbara Speakman
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Barbara Speakman
“My role is mainly one of support – to the branch and my husband who is the present Chairman. Being Secretary is a very interesting experience as politics was mainly about going and voting up to this venture. We seem to have joined just as the Party was gaining strength and now is termed the ‘fourth party’. My experiences as a Parish Councillor, Guide Guider and Director of a volunteer group have given me some insight to the requirements of this new office. The branch is gaining members regularly and I am enjoying being involved with communicating with them.”
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